About Chijiun
Chijiun Tech has developed the battery combination and assembly business since 2000. Not only supplying the various customized battery packs to different requirements in Taiwan, but exporting to foreign countries, Japan and USA.

No matter for building in devices or instruments or individual pack,the quality consistence and reliable is the core concept that we do research and develop. To assure the device or power transition works properly and stably with longest power life is the major concern we bear in mind. The liability insurance, we work with major insurance company, Fubon in Taiwan, for 1 million a year to assure the unexpected matter raised can be covered globally and managed properly. No worries of the accident matter.

The ISO 9001 quality control assurance is carried out in the office and factory facilities. Do and proceed we planed and researched, correct the procedure whatever or whenever should be revised to be right. The superior quality is being watched and mandated to compete correctly. Chijiun Tech maintains the reputation in the industrial and a good fame for quality products.

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